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Andreas Bäuml - Bio

Andreas Bäuml (b. 1991) is a composer whose work has been performed by Les Métaboles, Tana Quartet, Ensemble Fractales, Hebrides Ensemble, œnm œsterreichisches ensemble fuer neue musik, NAMES Ensemble, and Ensemble Zahir. His music regularly features in concerts across Europe, including at the Crossroads International New Music Festival Salzburg, EstOvest Festival Contemporary Cello Week Torino, and Kammermusikfestival Regensburg.

​Andreas holds a Bachelor of Music from King’s College London. He later graduated from Mozarteum University of Salzburg with a master’s degree in Composition where he studied with Johannes Maria Staud and Reinhard Febel. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in physics. Currently he is pursuing a postgraduate degree in the class of Sarah Nemtsov.

In recent years Andreas has participated in composition academies and workshops such as ARCo Composers Academy, Barcelona Modern Composition Course, Delian Academy, ISA21, and IYCA Ticino, to learn from some of the most distinguished composers today, including Franck Bedrossian, Michael Jarrell, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Yann Robin, Frédéric Durieux, Du Yun, Oscar Bianchi, and Samir Odeh-Tamimi.

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