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Music Theatre


Daphne's Dream for soprano and ensemble (20')

Text: Sophia Stern

Première: 22 Nov 2018, Mozarteum University, Electra Lochhead (sopr), ŒNM, Alexander Drčar (cond.), Richard Glöckner (dir.)

Ensemble and Chamber


Kalpa for trombone, cello, and percussion (ca. 6')

written for ŒNM as part of a project on music and apocalypse, premiered on 25th May 2024


Shrimp Consortium for viola da gamba quartet (ca. 7')

written for Accademia Chigiana Baroque Program, premiered on 02 September 2023


Tempus Amphibiae for three percussionists (5')

written for Ticino Young Composers Academy and Les Percussions de Strasbourg

Vorhänge for large ensemble (6')

Originally written as three interludes for a staged performance of L'histoire du soldat and Renard by Stravinsky, directed by Giulia Giammona

Première: May 2022, Mozarteum University


Five Tabloids for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, and percussion (10')

Première of Tabloids II and III: 22 Aug 2021, ISA21 Reichenau, Ensemble Fractales, Jean Bernard Matter (cond.)

Sepia for piano, violin, and cello (8')

premiered by Accio Piano Trio at Dialoge Festival, 08 June 2024

Wobbly Koi for bassoon and electric guitar (5')

written for Barcelona Modern Composition Course

Eroica-Erosionen for string quartet (8')


Opal for alto flute, bassoon, and harp (8')

Where is Orpheus? for string quartet (7'30'')

Condensed version of Turning Eurydice for string quartet only


Nadir for ensemble (9')

Première: 7 Nov 2019, Crossroads Festival, Mozarteum University, Ensemble Zahir, Juan Garcia Rodriguez (cond.)

Ghost Syrup for three guitars (3')

Première: 2020, Mozarteum University

_ceaseless for alto flute and marimba (5')

Première: 11 May 2019, Salzburg, ŒNM Atelierkonzert, Irmgard Messin (afl),
Michael Mitterlehner-Romm (mar)

Yılan for ensemble (5'30'')

Première: May 2019, Mozarteum University, ŒNM, Ruben Hawer (cond.)


Glow for oboe, violin, viola, and cello (10')

Première: 7 Dec 2018, Crossroads Festival, Mozarteum University, Hebrides Ensemble

Petals and Roots for violin and cello (8')

Première: June 2018, Mozarteum University, Eimi Wakui (vln), Valerie Fritz (vc)

Kaleidoskop for septet (8')

Première: April 2018, Mozarteum University, ŒNM 

Choral / Vocal


Intimate Lettuce (WIP) for soprano, flute, viola and cello (ca. 60')

Text: Emily Dickinson

Première planned for late 2024


March: Shades of a Dream for soprano and string orchestra (7')

Text: Sophia Stern

written for Unternehmen Gegenwart, Regensburger Kammermusikfestival

Première: 18 Sep 2022, Camerata Goltz, Kaoko Amano (sopr), Stephan Shen (cond.)

with feathers for soprano, alto flute, and cello (3'30'')

Text: Emily Dickinson

Première: 19 May 2022, Coco Lau (sopr), Cristina Pastore (afl), Cassandra Hutsteiner (vc)


The Secret for voice and piano (1'30'')

Text: Katherine Mansfield

View of a Glass on a Chair for six voices (SMezATBarB), cello and percussion (6')

Text: Sophia Stern


Insomnia for voice, flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello and percussion (23') (rev. 2023)

Texts by Michelangelo, Friedrich Hölderlin and Sophia Stern

Première of selected parts: 20 Oct 2020, Mozarteum University, Tamara Obermayr (voice), Ensemble NAMES, Ruben Hawer (cond.)


Turning Eurydice for six voices (SMezATBarB) and string quartet (10')

Text: Sophia Stern

Written for ARCo Masterclass Marseille 2019

Première: 13 July 2019, Marseille, Les Métaboles, Tana Quartet, Léo Warynski (cond.)

Solo Works


Drei Flötenstücke für drei Flötenstücke (10')

written for Leona Rajakowitsch


Schaum und Licht for violoncello (8')

written for Angela Zamorano

Première: 30 Oct 2022, Contemporary Cello Week, EstOvest Festival, Torino, Leo di Flammineis

Quattro pezzi per tiorba (12')

written for Elias Conrad


Kalligraphie V for violin (5')

written for Maria Tío

Kalligraphie IV for bassoon (5')

written for Ana Martín Delgado

Première: 20 Oct 2020, Mozarteum University

Kalligraphie III for harp (3'30'')

written for Miriam Paschetta

Première: 20 Oct 2020, Mozarteum University

Kalligraphie II for alto flute (4')

written for Angus Lee


Laila Tov for piano (5'), rev. 2020


Kalligraphie for oboe (2'30'')



Plätsch for 16 channel tape (5')

Première: 20 Jun 2024, Salzburg, Orangeriegarten im Mirabellgarten, part of Sweet Spot: NEOBEYOND (sound installation 20th to 28th June 2024)

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